Do you want the KEY moments in your team building event capturing? I can join you and make the day even more memorable.

I also offer my own artistic workouts to tone your powers of observation. You’ll experience life on Earth more intensely after you’ve followed my urban sketching workshop. You’ll buff up on your resourcefulness and your inventiveness as you flex your creative muscles.
I’ve created Amsterdam Sketching Soul and Sketchnotes for beginners   See what other people say.

I also teach sketchnotes in schools and I am working with teachers to make visual note taking a part of the curriculum.

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  • What makes this really special is Kate's warmth, creativity and knowledge of the city.

    Byrony, Dec 2016 
  • "Great workshop, easy to learn, but great results! This way, I can be creative wherever I am, just using my Ipad”

    Ute, May 2017
  • Kate not only makes art, but also understands the process through it and can guide you. When you follow a course with her, you don’t only learn which brush, but you will also be invited to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve with it?  She shows you that developing a creative mind through art is a skill you can use in life. Art, but also the ‘art of life’. This makes the lessons meaningful, you acquire a skill and a positive view on your own creativity.

    Hugo, May 2017
  • Who knew "travel sketching" could be such fun? Kate is an excellent teacher and very encouraging even for someone like me who is definitely not a natural artist. It's a unique and enjoyable way to discover some of the soul of Amsterdam. You should do it!

    David June 2017
  • Kate's travel sketching made Amsterdam come alive for me and gave me a tangible memory of my trip. In just a couple of hours we learned basic drawing techniques and produced a piece of original artwork. She's a fantastic teacher!

    Barbara June 2017
  • Kate was so kind and gentle; she illustrated to me many sketching technique for the development of my creativity. We spent a sweet and peacefully afternoon outside her house, she offered me a delicious apple-cake and coffee. In addition to unlock my creativity and make me want draw again we talked for hours. This my first trip alone and I think that I've just find the meaning of "adventure".

    Claudio August 2017
  • Though I've been to Amsterdam more than 10 times in the last 20 years, Kate's sketching soul workshop helped me see this magical city in new ways. I really appreciated her ideas and the optional challenges she offered to help us get over our self-consciousness about artistic ability. Kate is so free as an artist that it inspires hers students to relax and try new things. This experience is great for couples, families, or solo travellers no matter the degree of familiarity they have with Amsterdam. It was great to go near the start of our holiday because it inspired me to make new discoveries and sketch and journal throughout the trip. We will visit Kate next time we return!
    Lott August 2017
  • Kate has an amazing sweet soul who would inspire to open the creative door in you. Her workshop started with the introduction to many techniques of sketching in the first hour and I felt like I was taking a deep dive into a whole new world. She was very patient with my sketching and had encouraged me to open up myself to look at things from a more creative point of view. Her love and passion for art can be seen in the very enthusiastic way she would explain the techniques, all by showing examples from her own work, which makes it easier for a newbie to understand. Her travel diaries are fascinating and I discovered a new way to document my travels through sketching, which otherwise I would have not tried. I would recommend this experience for everyone who is visiting Amsterdam as this will be a great skill and asset to any traveller. I can see myself going back to her workshop again in near future.

    Archita August 2017
  • Kate is enthusiastic about sketching and travel. She has great tips and is very encouraging. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and learn to feel at ease with the pencil.

    Johanna September 2017
  • If you're looking for a creative art class then this one's for you. Kate is a kind, friendly teacher who has a unique point of view. In our class she shared openly her journey, artistic style and ideas for how to sketch using your own unique gifts. Unlike a straight jacket class, Kate has a special method through an art sketch book where she guides you through an afternoon of art! Her dog Marley, the carrot cake and coffee were all a beautiful addition to this experience!

    Neil August 2017